Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Season Nine, Week Three: Top Eighteen Performances/Elimination

Following a terrible episode last week and before going on a two-week hiatus, everyone tried to step up their game tonight on So You Think You Can Dance.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Emmy Nominations

Congrats to So You Think You Can Dance, which was nominated for six Emmys today!

  • Outstanding Reality - Competition Program
  • Outstanding Host For A Reality or Reality-Competition Program (Cat Deeley)
  • Outstanding Choreography (Stacey Tookey, Christopher Scott, Spencer Liff)
  • Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety Series
Below are the dances nominated for Best Choreography; I wouldn't have chosen most of these, but that's just me (view the nominated routines after the jump!). I'm shocked that Sonya was not nominated, if only because she had such a breadth of work to submit that you'd think something would stick. But Christopher Scott got nominated over her, for God knows what reason. Travis Wall was also nominated in the same category but for work he did on Dancing with the Stars, and one-time guest choreographer Josh Bergasse was also nominated for his work on Smash.

I'm thrilled for Cat Deeley's second nomination; hopefully she'll take it this year since Survivor's Jeff Probst, who has won the award every year since it was introduced in 2008, was not nominated. But Cat is the most personable host on television, so I'm pulling for her.

Season Nine, Week Two: Top Twenty Performances/Elimination

Welcome to one of the most boring episodes of So You Think You Can Dance in memory!

There's a serious problem when the cast of Step Up Revolution, the fourth film in a series that was never very interesting or original and which has limped along for about six years without much fanfare, is better than your top twenty dancers in almost every respect: better energy, better performance, better choreography, better musicality, better presence, etc etc. So let's do some cutting!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Season Nine, Week One: Top Twenty Performances

Ok, let's talk about how the voting is going to work.

Tonight, people will vote for individual dancers, not couples. Next week, three boys and three girls will be in the bottom. But they will still learn a week's worth of choreography and perform next week. Then two boys and two girls will be eliminated at the end. What a fucking waste of these people's time.