Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Live to Dance: Semifinals Week Three

So excited Twitch got through to the finals! They should've been the first choice; White Tree Fine Art can suck it.

Dance Town Chaos: I didn't like the audition all that much, but male dancers are my favorite; I love their power and athletic grace, and Dance Town Chaos didn't disappoint in those areas. I could've done without the random (and distracting) tumbling pass, and the giant gold sheet confused me. But the fact that twelve men can do triple pirouets into double tours in sync is a feat on its own. I enjoyed the performance as a whole, but I wanted to be more blown away; these men are good, but not all of them are great.

Jill & Jacob: Ugh, I hated this couple's audition. It was so forced and boring, like a rejected SYTYCD routine. This was another misstep. Jill especially was weak at the start, and their few moments of synced choreography wasn't actually in sync. And I'm sorry, but weird and awkwardly long lifts are not dancing. Half that routine was spent preparing for that last thing, whatever the hell it was. And I completely agree with Travis that there was no real story and that the routine as a whole was strangely disconnected. I just felt like they were both lazy and didn't really care. And the choreography was boring.

Roosevelt Anderson: If I was on shrooms, I may have liked this. But I just don't get it.

Tap Sounds Underground: I was so excited to finally see this duo, since their audition wasn't a part of the first episode. And they did not let me down. Screw ballet and White Tree Fine Art, tapping is the real fine art of dance. It's so hard to make every movement perfect and in time and to come up with rhythms that are complementary to each other and to the music rather than those that follow and are obvious. And tap is such a joyful dance, especially when it's done this way. My favorite of the night.

Oh, and Kimberly's a douchebag.

Shore Thing: I'll never understand why this group got through in the first place; there's nothing all that special, unique, or even good about them. They're a bunch of kids doing typical cheesy recital material. But seriously, where was the dancing for the first 7/8ths of that routine? Everyone was either prepping a tumbling pass or kneeling on the ground and swaying their arms back and forth. It makes me furious that these motherfuckers are on a national stage being so ridiculously boring. Did I see something different from the judges? What a piece of shit performance. How did these little assholes get 3 gold stars and Tap Sounds Underground didn't? Awful.

Kendall Glover: She's undoubtedly the most talented soloist of the bunch of semifinalists (except maybe for Jalen). And her background graphics with the snapshots of her jumps were awesome. Her choreography was difficult and she executed it very well, if not perfectly. And she got her face under control since the audition.

Can we just take a moment to point out how dumb the judging process is? How can someone praise nearly everything and say, "You're great!" and then give this poor girl a red star just because "it's not the best you could do." But shouldn't you be judging what you just saw, not what you wanted to see? And how can you say that you want Tap Sounds Underground to modernize tap dance and then give them a red star just because you don't think they did that? How can you basically shut someone's talent down just because they haven't started a revolution with this one performance? Ridiculous.

I'm not completely thrilled with Dance Town Chaos being voted through, as I would've much preferred Tap Sounds Underground. But I'm ecstatic that they chose the men rather than those fucking little kids.

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