Friday, May 27, 2011

Season Eight Auditions: Atlanta and San Francisco

Thank God, it's back. So You Think You Can Dance is finally back. I'll finally have something to look forward to each week.

I've always been heavily divided on the audition episodes each season; I have a love-hate relationship with them. There are so many auditions that I just love, and I immediately fall in love with these dancers. What I seem to forget is that they have not yet made it into the competition, so inevitably almost every dancer I fall in love with is cut in Vegas. That's where the hate part comes in. That, plus the fact that the bad auditions just make me uncomfortable. Just like singers can't bear to watch the American Idol auditions because horrible pitch and tone make them cringe, I can't watch people who have no rhythm or talent for movement. It makes me squirm.

Perhaps I'm not the only one with this feeling, because there were surprisingly few crappy auditions. I mean, I'm sure there were hundreds of actual auditions that sucked, but there were only a few in the episode. I'll admit that I laughed at the toothless stripper and the hobbit-footed hippie. But can I just say how uncomfortable that black guy with the skunk hair made me? I was honestly scared for the judges, like he might fucking just leap off the stage and kill them if they said the wrong thing. And then to cover up the whole thing and act like it was all a performance? Please. Your ass is CRAZY.

Early Favorites

Ryan Ramirez - I loved her so much last season as "that blonde chick with the huge hair," and I'm so glad to see she's back. She should have been on the show last year, so hopefully this is her year. Her audition was beautiful, and I don't have much else to say about it. Oh, and by the way.... she was totally the lead singer/dancer in the ghetto white girl choir in this week's season finale of Glee. Love her.

Melanie Moore - Such a unique audition, so strong and graceful and vulnerable. Her lines were superb, and she has an interesting personality on top of the talent.

"Machine" - I forget his real name and am too lazy to Google it, but all I have to say is he was the best breaker to ever audition for the show and you'll probably remember him.

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