Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Four Elimination Performances

Group Performance (Choreographed by Dee Caspary)
Was this all stars only? I didn't spot Adechike or Lauren... don't get it. Also, that was a full assault on the senses. It was seriously overwhelming and overloaded. I literally had a headache by the end from trying to keep up with everything that was happening. It was so frantic and crazy.... ouch. I don't want to ever see it again or even really think about it.

The Final Three: Lauren, Kent, Robert
Thank God Adechike didn't make the finale. As if this season wasn't enough of a shitshow, that would have just been tragic. In terms of dance ability, Lauren is miles ahead of the other two. Her adaptation and her personality and her overall skill aren't matched by either Kent or Robert. If this show were the search for "America's Best Dancer," she'd be the winner. But since it's "America's Favorite Dancer," I think it'll be Kent. The best of the final dancers has never won, except the first season (from what I've seen in clips since I didn't watch that season):

S2: Benji won, Travis should have
S3: Sabra won, Lacey or Neil should have
S4: Josh won, Courtney should have (well, Chelsie should have but she'd already been eliminated)
S5: Jeanine won, Brandon should have (though I can accept this decision much more easily than the rest)
S6: Russell won, Jakob should have

So we'll see. I'm pulling for Lauren.

The Guest Dancers: Desmond Richardson
I just don't understand. Desmond Richardson is a living legend in the dance world. The strength and poise he possesses are unparalleled. So is he just getting old? He barely moved his feet throughout this whole little... whatever that was. It certainly wasn't the type of thing I expected from a ballet dancer of his caliber. He was just twitching and snaking, and then doing single pirouettes and plies. What gives? This was just so weird and so boring. What the hell. It actually made me angry. Tonight's not a good night for this show; it starts by making me sick and then makes me mad.

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