Friday, July 2, 2010

Top Nine Elimination Performances

Top Nine Group Performance (Choreographed by Jamel Gaines)
In my last post, I said that I love introducing new choreographers to the show. I'd like to recind that statement and reissue it as such: I love introducing talented new choreographers to the show. Because this routine? Painful. Boring, generic. It was so dance class bad. Chaotic like they were all warming up on stage a half hour before curtain, no bold movements, just bland beginner material. And seriously, "O Fortuna" is so done. Brandon's amazing solo from season 5 was done to this song, and I'm pretty sure there was a paso doble or something similar done to it at one point as well. And it's used to advertise every product ever made: paper towels, films, you name it. You've heard this song, and some of the commercials it's been featured in have been more exciting than this snoozefest of a dance. Blech.

The Bottom Three: Billy, Robert, Melinda
What a heinous group. Melinda is the only one who truly deserved to be here; I can understand why Sonya's routine might have scared away some of Robert's voters, but Billy? Why? America sucks. Anyway, Robert's solo was really weird and didn't use music so much as electronic sounds. I didn't understand it. Billy's solo was the usual beauty, but with a tad more to it; clearly, he was feeling the pressure of being in the bottom and finally showed some of that connection the judges think has been lacking. And Melinda was Melinda, though I'll give her props for finally tapping without music (as she should have been doing all along). It was obvious Melinda was going home, even before her name was announced by Cat as being in the bottom three. There's just no solo on Earth good enough to save you when the night before you've had 2 of the 3 judges say, "We made a mistake in not sending you home last week." But I admire the fact that she stood there and took it, never crying or making faces or getting upset. She's a pro. And what of Nigel and Cat's strange comments that "I know you'll be back joining us this season?" Weird.

The Guest Dancers: Cast of Viva Elvis
I loved the one Cirque du Soleil I saw ("O"), but this is completely unlike my previous experience with the company. It didn't look like a circus at all, with only some insane tumbling being anything out of the ordinary. If the entire show is this dance-centric, I think it would be a great show to see. I liked what NappyTabs did with the dancers here; I've usually enjoyed their group work moreso than their duets. Even though they were choreographing non-hip hop dancers to an Elvis song, it somehow worked and looked really good. I had no idea that Mandy Moore was also involved with the show (although she may have just helped with the performance tonight, since she's not officially credited by Cirque), but I also enjoyed her little contemporary bit. And again, I love that these were guests whom the TV-watching audience can go buy a ticket to see.

Upcoming Format Changes
So next week there are going to be twelve (!!) routines danced: each contestant will dance with an all-star (and Nigel promised it would be someone they haven't had previously), plus they will dance with each other. Perhaps Nigel is getting some heat for the new format of the all-stars, since the ratings have been steadily declining all season. Plus, as of tonight they have begun giving us a recap of who these all-stars are and why they're here this season. Tonight was Courtney and Mark, and the recap ended with a repeat performance of "The Garden." It really made me hope for next season to be an all-stars only season, maybe a combination of recreating favorite routines from the past and dancing new routines as well. Hmmmmm.

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