Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Six Elimination Performances

Group Performance (Choreographed by Mia Michaels)
I mostly didn't like this one, though I enjoyed it much more once it picked up about halfway through. But there wasn't enough actual dancing to excite me, and the characters were strangely madeup and costumed. Again, this was reminiscent (for me) of some of Mia's previous work, especially the Top 16 performance from season four to "The Dance." Allison was adorable and energetic, and I really liked the portion with all the men pounding the platform with her dancing in the center. But otherwise it was rather bland, I thought.

The Bottom Three: Jose, Billy, Lauren
This is some bull. shit. I'll be completely honest: I was so pissed off, I didn't even watch the solos. How fucking stupid is the American public? Again, who the hell is voting for Adechike? And why? Good lord, I want to throw my laptop across the room having to type this. As soon as Lauren was in the bottom, it was obvious she would be saved. Last night the judges told her that she and Kent were their frontrunners for the win. So clearly Jose and Billy were going home. What a load of shit.

I hate the way this season has played out. In no universe does Adechike deserve to stay in the competition over Billy, and in many ways neither does Robert. I can understand why he's still there, but not Adechike. It's tragic, to be honest. The only dancer I have left to root for is Lauren, and if this is any indication... she will not win.

The Guest Dancers: The Cast of Step Up 3-D
The girl with the bad red dye job is not good... at all. But then a gain that whole beginning was really boring. The girl with the stupid black and white pants was the best part of the whole thing. This performance, in no way, makes me want to see this movie. In fact, I thought I did... but now I definitely don't. I probably won't even rent it; I'll wait for it to be on TV.

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