Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Eight Elimination Performances

Top Eight Group Performance (Choreographed by Tyce Diorio)

This was actually a very nice opening number. But I'm a little worrie about Tyce and clown thing; this is the second clown piece he's choreographed on the show, not to mention the circus piece from The Wiz he did two years ago. But the overall picture was very pretty, though a little eerie and kind of sad. There wasn't much to the choreography at all, a lot of standing around and watching the rope-ography and some very basic lifts. But it was quiet and not too over the top like the group performances tend to be, and it wasn't overchoreographed the way Tyce's group performances tend to be. A decent start to the evening.

The Bottom Four: Jordan, Caitlynn, Jess, Tadd

I hate you right now, Gaga. If she didn't say how much she loved Ricky last night, he would be in the bottom. He should've been the one going home, but he lives to dance another week. Blech.

Jordan's solo was flat-out boring; Jess's was a bunch of turns; Caitlynn's wasn't too thrilling either, though the plie attitude turn was kind of awesome; and Tadd's was insane.

It was no surprise to see Jordan going home, despite how much the judges love her. Clearly she's just not someone the audience is in love with, as she's been in the bottom more than she hasn't. I was shocked, however, that Jess was sent home. I kind of never thought it would happen, but I'm so happy it has. There was just something about him that totally turned me off, and, as awful as it may sound, I'm glad to not have to see him dance next week.

The Guest Dancers: The LXD

This group is the most entertaining to ever be featured on the show, and I enjoy watching them year after year. The fact that they do all of those tumbling passes completely in sync, those amazing isolationists, the "big picture" choreography... it's all awesome. I wish Christopher Scott would choreograph like this for the show.

Oh, but don't bother watching their web series... it doesn't make any sense.

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