Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Twelve Elimination Performances

Let's talk about the Emmy nominations; the show was nominated for an amazing eight Emmys, including their first ever nomination for Outstanding Reality Competition Series. Plus three of my five favorite routines of last season were nominated for Outstanding Choreography: "Boogie Shoes" by Mandy Moore, "Mad World" by Stacey Tookey and "Outta Your Mind" by Nappytabs. Travis Wall and Mia Michaels were also nominated, and everyone's nominations were for multiple works. And let's not forget that Cat Deeley finally got her due, scoring a nomination for Outstanding Host of a Reality Series. She's the most likeable host on television, and I'm ecstatic that she was finally nominated. I'm so happy to see this show finally getting some recognition, even if it was more deserved for stronger previous seasons. But better late than never!

And how exciting are the group of all stars?! Can't wait to see season one runner-up Melody; Chelsie Hightower, my favorite from season four; and Brandon, one of the best dancers the show has ever had. The others are Allison (season two); Pasha (season three); Twitch and Comfort (season four); Kathryn (season six); and Robert (season seven). I wish they could've coerced Billy and/or Jakob, but oh well.

Top Twelve Group Performance (Choreographed by Kelly Abbey)

Despite some fantastic musicality, this performance was hideously boring. Nothing happened in the opening twenty seconds or so, and only half the dancers were dancing at any given moment. Why can't these choreographers figure out a way to use all of the dancers? They don't all have to be doing the same movement, but why are so many of them constantly just standing on the sidelines waiting for their part to begin?

The Bottom Three Couples: Caitlynn and Mitchell, Ryan and Ricky, Sasha and Alexander

No real surprises here; I know Jordan and Tadd made it through on the strength of their contemporary piece last night, even though it's said that Sasha and Alexander have ended up in the bottom in the week where they finally started to gel as a couple.

Based on solos, I too would've sent home Ryan and Alexander. It's not that either of them were bad, but the others just set the bar higher. Mitchell's solo was nothing short of amazing, and even I can't deny how good Ricky's solo was as well. Alexander's had some great moments (the aerial into an arabesque was ridiculous), but he also stumbled a bit. And Caitlynn finally danced within her limitations, not falling out of her turns for once or flailing like a mad woman across the stage. Sasha's wasnt all that impressive, but it was very strong. Ryan's was just a little confusing, and her hair was a major distraction from the movement.

So neither elimination was entirely surprising, especially given how the show has worked out so far. Ryan has constantly been in the bottom despite some strong showings, and Alexander was carried through the first four weeks by a strong partner.

The Guest Dancer: Jason Samuels Smith

Okay, did anyone else find it awkward that none of the tap sounds in the introduction were actually coming from the stage? They were on the recording. Oh, and Melinda from last season was shoved in there in the background (the one in green shoes). The dancing itself was impressive, but the sound just killed it all for me. Why, oh why, can't anyone just freaking tap? It got better as the routine went on and the sound cut out, but what was with that intro? Annoying.

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