Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Favorite SYTYCD Routines

I love looking back every summer and remembering my favorite routines from seasons past. I like to see how the current dancers compare to those who have competed before, how choreographers have grown (or regressed), and how lasting an impression some of these people can leave.

10. Sweet Dreams (AKA "The Board Room" and "The Table")
Choreographed by Mandy Moore
Performed by Neil and Sabra (Season 3)

The tension between these two dancers is palpable. For me, this was the moment Sabra won the competition. Her strength, both as a dancer and as a powerful female figure, is gorgeous. Neil's technique and performance are flawless. This was the first of the "office fantasy" routines (of which we've seen many since this was performed), and it was hands-down the best. Mandy Moore was nominated for an Emmy for this routine, and rightfully so: this is without a doubt one of the strongest jazz routines ever done for the show.

9. Dancing
Choreographed by Mia Michaels
Performed by Lacey and Kameron (Season 3)

Aside from this dance exposing the world to a beautiful song, this is one of the saddest but at the same time most joyful routines I've ever seen. Lacey was my favorite of this season, and she got off to an amazing start with this being her first routine on the show. She is a part of every moment of this dance, from the limp beginning all the way through to the mirror-image ending. Her leap into Kameron's arms (well, his shoulders) was surprising and gorgeous. This is one of Mia's less-appreciated routines, and I can't figure out why. Every second is heartbreaking but beautiful.

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