Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top Ten Elimination Performances

Top Ten Group Performance (Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh)
This was everything a group performance should be. It featured the strongest dancers in the style (jazz), but didn't make those who were weaker stick out like sore thumbs... unlike last week's group number. Sonya's choreography was dangerous, sexy, provacative, and strong. Is it just me or does the stage seem really crowded, even though there's only 10 dancers? It's very strange, but this one managed to rise above; very enjoyable.

The Bottom Three: Cristina, Melinda, Robert
I don't agree with Cristina and Melinda being in the bottom, but I'm also not surprised. Voters are stupid, plain and simple. They vote for cute boys with nice smiles and fun personalities. It's "America's Favorite Dancer," not "Best Dancer." So Cristina gets the boot, even after a decent solo. I'm shocked that Nigel wanted to get rid of Melinda, but at the same time it just goes to show how much of a douche he is; he blamed Melinda's being in the bottom as "people not connecting with her." I'm assuming he came to this conclusion because she danced well and shouldn't have been there this week... but the same thing happened to Cristina, and he voted to keep her on the show and send Melinda home. Clearly he has some biases. Perhaps he found Cristina more attractive than Melinda. Who knows, I just don't like him. Melinda's solo was fun, moreso than the other two; Robert's looked desperate, and if I were the judges I would've eliminated him. There just wasn't enough spark or technique or fun in his solo. It was boring. But instead Cristina goes home, and we're left with only 3 girls: Melinda (who'll probably be gone next week at this rate), Ashley (whom I can't stand), and Lauren.

The Guest Dancers: RemoteKontrol
I love that this guy is back, because he does something so unique. But this was by far his weakest performance, as it was all about his new crew. The other two dancers were far more impressive (those bends! HOLY SHIT!). And I don't understand this obsession with dance crews wearing ugly, dollar-store masks. What's the point? It made them look like dancing C-3POs. But they had fun, and I had fun watching. Not much to say really.

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