Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top Eleven Elimination Performances

Top Eleven Group Performance (Choreographed by Tessandra Chavez)
- I just didn't understand this routine at all. It looked weird, there were awkward solos (what the hell was that random break with Melinda doing body rolls and then tapping barefoot?), and it really didn't showcase anyone very well. It just made everyone look manic. There were some good moments, such as the final few moments as a group (right after Melinda's weirdness), but overall I thought this was a mess.

The Bottom Three: Alexie, Melinda, Cristina

While I can't completely disagree with these three, I don't think Cristina should have been there; Adechike should've taken that spot, but I can see why viewers may have been underwhelmed by her. That being said, none of these girls deserved to stay after those solos. All were boring, all lacked passion, all could've been the eliminated dancer. I would have persoannly sent Melinda home over Alexie, but I was fine with any of the bottom three leaving. They were simply unimpressive with their solos, and both Melinda and Alexie were unimpressive in their performances the previous evening.

The Guest Dancers: Cast of Come Fly Away

I loved this show when I saw it on Broadway earlier this month, but I don't understand why the producers keep putting this particular segment on television broadcasts (as it was also the number performed at last week's Tony Awards). Karine Plantadit was nominated for a Tony for her performance, so I understand wanting to feature her.. but she has some tremendous moments in the show, including ones that involve more than one other cast member and feature more varied choreography. But she is a force of nature, and I'm glad this show is getting out there to a broad audience. And I'd rather see something like this, a show that people can actually go buy tickets to see, featured instead of random "speciality" dancers, as good as they may be. It really promotes dance outside of the series, not just shows the audience what the dancers on the show have to work to become.

And Alexie goes home... oh, well. At least she got her shot and can stop auditioning year after year.

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