Friday, June 3, 2011

Season Eight Auditions: Los Angeles

What the hell were the judges so crazy about? This was the most boring of all the audition episodes, with no one impressing me much. This season is already off to an uneven start, and I hope it improves once the live shows start. For starters, the dancers being featured are completely lopsided: tonight there were only two men in the featured auditions, and only one made it through to Vegas. And it seems like everyone they're featuring and/or putting through is a contemporary or hip hop dancer. There's no variety; everyone looks and dances the same. Yawnnn.


I'm over it. The only person I really liked was Arielle Coker. That bitch was fierce. Not only was she the strongest (athletically) female I've ever seen audition for the show, you just have to love a girl who has the balls to use 10 of her 70 seconds just staring at the judges and taking one step forward. Her musicality was the best of any audition as well. She was also one of the only girls Nigel didn't hit on, probably because she could kick his ass.

I was completely bored with Jeanine's sister, as much as I wanted to like her. Same with the sisters. I was impressed with them (especially the big girl!), but ultimately bored by their routine. And while we're on the subject, let me just point out how unbelievaly sizeist this show is. Nigel basically said to Natalia Mallory that he was impressed by her because she moved really well for a fat girl. Of course, he said in British so it didn't seem so offensive... but let's be real, that was what he meant. Nevermind the fact that she's a good dancer period, because she's better than her size would imply. So here's a special shout out to Natalia Mallory, a good dancer regardless of size.

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  1. OH YES that was a boring show and i decided i will not watch that show SYTYCD anymore . The judges already unfair , they did put some streetdancers through Vegas with no choregraphy , when in the New York audition they sent this fantastic Broadway dancer to chor├ęgraphy when he had a wonderfull technic and talent . The auditions in LA June 3 were the worst i have ever seen , i was so borded and found the dancers really not great and also creepy and sick looking , NO !!!!!no no no no no !! I don't need to see that show!!!!! Euh !by the way , where are the dancerssss ? the one who actually go to dance school ? Is that show becoming a competition for only krumping and clapping and hip pop ?
    And what 's about the ones who suffer through real dance school ????
    Tired of that show and those judges already !!!!!