Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top Twenty Elimination Performances

Top Twenty Group Performance (Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh)

So I may have been a little harsh on Sonya in my post earlier today, but so be it. I still do enjoy the majority of her work, especially her group numbers; this one was no exception. It was somewhat typical of Sonya in that it was very dominatrix-y, but she evolved a bit into an almost jazz-hip hop hybrid. In a way it reminded me of Mia's piece from a few seasons back, "The Dance." The movement was still disjointed and sharp, retaining classical elements but with some more sex appeal and harder hitting choreography. I loved it.

The Bottom Three Couples: Jordan and Tadd, Clarice and Jess, Miranda and Robert, Mitchell

Wow, what a joke. The only couple that makes sense to be in the bottom is Clarice and Jess; the other two couples do not deserve to be anywhere near the bottom.

Based on the solos, I would've chosen Jordan and Tadd to go home (even though Tadd's solo reminded me of how much I still love the Brian Setzer Orchestra song). Jess's solo reeked of desperation, but at least he actually showed some dance ability. Robert's solo may not have been very dance-heavy, but at least he showed some personality. Miranda was the only dancer who showed an emotional connection to her piece, and Clarice is just fierce as hell. Jordan is all about the sex, and that will only take someone so far. And Mitchell? That solo was absolutely beautiful.

But I hate when they pull this bullshit. There were absolutely dancers who deserved to go home; there still needs to be only one winner, you might as well start letting go of your early favorites. Sorry, that's what happens when you allow America, in all their stupidity, to have a say on your show: good people get eliminated.

The Musical Guest: Keri Hilson

I don't normally comment on the musical guests, but this just needs to be said... for all the flack Britney catches for lipsynching, this performance was much worse than anything I've seen her do lately. Keri didn't even try to lipsynch the chorus. Do you think we can't hear your voice on the track? Let this serve as an open letter to Laurieann Gibson: you are not as big as you think you are. Your artists still need work. And seriously, that choreography was borderline vulgar.

The Guest Dancer: A Gopak

I don't care if that's how it's supposed to be done, this Russian ballet shit is still boring.

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