Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Twenty Double Elimination Performances

Top Twenty Group Routine (Choreographed by Dave Scott)

Aside from the mannequin routine all the way back in season three, I'm always very "meh" about Dave Scott's choreography. This performance falls into that category as well. At first I couldn't figure out who had choreographed it: it seemed too boring for Sonya, too good for Tyce, too hip hop for Mandy Moore or Spencer Liff, etc. Finding out that it was Dave Scott made sense, because it was middle-of-the-road. Some fun moments, but nothing new or exciting.

The Bottom Three Couples: Missy and Wadi, Iveta and Nick, Ryan and Ricky

These couples confuse me. Obviously I think Missy and Wadi should be there, but the others I can't figure out. I can only imagine that they're there because their routines weren't particularly memorable. If it were just me, I could understand voting Ricky into the bottom, but Ryan is too good a dancer to have him as a partner to begin with. At the same time, I would've voted for them just so she didn't go home. But Iveta and Nick was a curve ball; their Bollywood routine was fun, but I guess it just got overshadowed by the better concepts and/or better all-around dancers.

I honestly think the judges made a mistake in not sending anyone home last week. I would've much rather seen Clarice and Jess be eliminated last week and just Missy and Wadi this week. Instead we lost the only ballroom dancer in the top twenty and a dancer who was just starting to find his footing. I was shocked when they announced that Ricky was staying, as I think he'll continue to drag Ryan down. But that's life, I guess.

The Guest Dancers: Rage Crew

I'm kind of tired of seeing these kids on the show. I don't like kids dancing, and I don't like breaking. Ipso facto, I don't like this group.

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  1. Hmm. I really disagree with you. I think Ricky is really good. I think ryan and him both deserved to stay. I also agree however that clarice and Jess should've gone home last week. Or this week they should've been there.