Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top Sixteen Elimination Performances

Top Sixteen Group Performance (Choreographed by Michael Rooney)

This was a great melding of styles; it had the partnered aspects of ballroom, with the tecnhicality of jazz and the theatricality of Broadway. I've never heard of this choreographer, but that was definitely a refreshing take on the group performance. Not everyone was dancing all at the same time, but no one ever looked left out. There were some visually interesting moments (the assisted flips at the end, especially), and moments where people were dancing different styles all at once, but it didn't seem cluttered or overworked. One of the more memorable group routines of late.

The Bottom Three Couples: Ashley and Chris, Miranda and Robert, Caitlynn and Mitchell

I'm completely shocked by Caitlynn and Mitchell being in the bottom, but not so much the other two. In terms of the solos, I think Chris had the best... I know, and he's a street dancer! But it was emotional and unique, and I loved it. As disconnected as she seemed to be from the performance, I actually didn't mind Ashley's solo; it was technically good, and it didn't seem desperate like Miranda's did and it was more focused than Caitlynn's. I mean, Caitlynn fell out of her turns. I love Mitchell as a dancer, but he needs to stop relying so much on that held extension in his solos. And Robert's was just... stupid.

So I wasn't totally shocked by Miranda's elimination; clearly she and Robert aren't connecting with the audience, since they were voted into the bottom the first week after an amazing jive routine. And like I said, her solo wouldn't have changed their minds if they were already made up to send her home. And honestly Robert's solo was bad, so no surprise there at all.

P.S. - Dear Nigel: You need to know who danced what routines before you mention them. Chris did not dance the woodpecker piece; Robert did. Dumbass.

The Guest Dancers: Axis

This probably makes me a bad person, but I don't care: I found this to be awkward and uncomfortable. I kept waiting for the wheelchair to tip over or something; not to mention the actual routine was kind of boring. I prefer my dancing to involve feet, thank you very much. Now go ahead, call me a dick.

The Other Guest Dancers: US Theatrical Ballroom Champions

HOLY SHIT. He dead lifted that bitch from the ground with one freaking hand! He balanced her on his head while spinning! They were like watching ice skaters, but on a stage; so good! Pure athleticism and grace. Beautiful.


  1. hmm this is always so difficult to remember everyones names and dances without having tabs open and trying to give you a dissertation. too much work. i dont like not discussing in person :(. anyway, i loved the piano dance but i loved the asian and melanie dance even more. i also love ryan and rickys dance and them dancing i just hate ryan as a person. i barely remember any other dance but i know i hate hate hate jess and that sonya freaky dance was awful. the handicapped dance should never see the light of day again and that other guest dance was aweeeeesome. although i havent yet been super impressed with any of the group dances and i would rather them just knock it off and bring the good choreographers back ie shane sparks, wade robeson, and mia. i know you dont like sparks but at least he could pull love or hate. not this fucking boredom.

  2. oh and i meant to say that i was perfectly fine with the bottom three but i wished with all my heart that jess was there. and i was fine with who went home. robert improved his solo but he clearly isnt enough. he barely dances. kelcey was super upset about him tho and almost refuses to keep watching. the girl was arrogant and annoying too so i didnt care about her. so far im a-ok with how the voting is going.

  3. Shane Sparks can't come back... he's on trial for having sex with children lol.

  4. one gives a shit about children. they let casey anthony go.